The shining past of the diamond dynasty (1)

A seemingly ordinary, simple business game, perhaps far-reaching. After a deal that is considered "left-handed right-handed", South Africa's Oppenheimer family may say goodbye to the diamond industry since the three generations. A diamond dynasty monopolized

BLACKSILK - The last secret of a woman's closet

At the end of the 16th century, the Eighth Religious War broke out in France. Just as the Protestant and the old religions wandered, the young Earl was sent to the front line, while the Princess was accepting the Adult Etiquette, intoxicated with a girl's dream of marching towards women. The wa

Show Dai underwear to the most intimate care of women

Show Dai, derived from the elegant European style, a romantic fashion story. After time carving, the passage of time, charm show Dai finally with confidence in the wave, shining debut in the Chinese market. A hereditary inheritance, so that show Dai has the talent of fashion and professional, show

Indian handicrafts exports rise sharply in November

According to data from the Export Promotion Association of Indian Handicrafts, although the demand in the EU market has not gathered momentum, the Indian handicraft industry is experiencing high demand from China and the United States. Markets, such as the spiralling demand in the United