Single row leisure skates purchase introduction

[Ben Wang - shoes and live in the United States] Pat has more than 20 million people choose inline skates or recreational sports as a means of transport, near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, but also hold regular people roller-skating parade on Fridays, At the event, police officers wearing skates opened the way for the participants, proving that the sport was well received by the public.

Recreational inline skates (Recreationinlineskate):

Generally referred to as casual shoes, it can also be called multi-purpose shoes. Any form of play will have a qualified performance. Most of the skates sold in sporting goods stores are such shoes. It doesn't have special positioning. It is more suitable to do some basic movements. It can also be used for playing hockey, playing fancy or speed. Although it is not the most suitable shoe, because it is generally cheaper, it is more suitable for beginners. Wait until the level increases, and then buy other shoes. Casual shoes are generally divided into Hardboot and Softboot.


Most of the hard shoes use the tape buckle type, which can effectively lock the feet and is more convenient than the traditional lace-type roller skates. Most of the new shoes' tape buckles have been designed with a memory-type buckle. They can be adapted to suit everyone's preferences, and can be worn back to suit their tightness. Gradually forming a suitable shape of foot depending on the curvature of the foot, so that the foot feel more comfortable, and the inner sleeve can be removed and cleaned to avoid odor. Among the many shoes, the roller speed of the roller skates is the most moderate, which prevents beginners from making accidents because the speed is too fast to control. Therefore, beginners who purchase single-row skates for the first time are most suitable to use hard shoes as entry shoes.


In recent years, the body of single-row skates has gradually become more flexible. Soft-shoe shoes have more choices and styles, and they are designed according to the usual sneakers and climbing shoes that are easily worn.

The soft-shoe uses a traditional strap and a buckle. The strap allows the tongue to be closer to the player's foot. The wrapping is better. Even if used as a long-distance speed training, it will not cause foot discomfort. Soft-shoe shoes are generally larger in diameter than hard-shoe shoes, and most of them use high-precision speed bearings and aluminum horizontal bars, which can effectively improve the skater's skating skills.

Single-row roller skating is a healthy sport that combines leisure, health, and fun. It allows every cell of the body to become active. According to a report presented by the American Sports Medicine Doctor Karl Foster, the 30-minute slow single-row skates can consume 285 calories and can quickly consume 450 calories. For people who want to exercise their heart and lungs and leg muscles, roller skating is an effective choice because it is a low-impact exercise that not only runs the knees much lighter than running, but also satisfies the effect of heart-lung function. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for people who want to pursue health. According to an experimental test report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the single-row skates are an excellent aerobic exercise. If you can continue for more than 30 minutes, you can not only get rid of excess body fat, but also to achieve the purpose of fitness. The benefit of aerobic exercise is that it strengthens the function of the cardiovascular system and makes you live a healthier life. Another advantage is that you can lose weight. Many calories burn less calories than single-line rollers. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you should naturally invest in a single-row skating world.

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