Fashion boutique women's MIXTIE beauty poetry ladies 2012 winter new orders will soon open

Every step of advancement unites the power of hard work;
Every successful miracle is due to unwavering faith.
On July 21st, 2012, Guangzhou Dingou Fashion Co., Ltd. will take another powerful step: its French fashion boutique women's brand MIXTIE ("DREAM ON 2012 Winter New Product Order") will be reopened!
Thanks to Chung-Hsiang Chun Qiushi, Dingou company is full of love for life, for a better yearning and awe of life. These full emotions made her strive to build her brand in a challenging time. Create a happy new life with a sense of belonging by embellishing a new world of fashion for urban women with aesthetically pleasing boutique fashion. At the same time, it also aspires to create a truly rich and prosperous year together with all walks of life in the country.

Established in 1998, Guangzhou Dingou Fashion Co., Ltd. upholds the value of innovation and inherits the Eastern and Western fashion culture.
For more than ten years, he has been committed to turning fashion into a unique boutique fashion and contemporary lifestyle.
With a new interpretation of French fashion charm and urban life, MIXTIE was born.
Corporate high-quality cooperative team -
Human Resource Management Center
product development center
Production Management Center
Marketing Management Center
Commodity logistics center
Financial Management Center
Successfully built the most advanced marketing management system, the fastest logistics system, the most scientific resource sharing win-win model, the most systematic network extension and the most complete after-sales service. In the increasingly fiercely competitive apparel industry, Dingou will be , fully absorb local wisdom, achieve outstanding careers, and create a different brand road.
Regarding the future, Dingou people have always been striving for a dream with a firm belief. For the sake of the industry's commitment and loyalty to the mission, the company will use its cultural dedication to create a brand that will not lose out to anyone's efforts.
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