Intention to do every detail of a small woman underwear

Little Women top-class international Group's Italian lingerie designer Mr. Major Rove (margerof ● li) in the grasp fully integrated Asian women body characteristics with the female figure golden point, and make full use of body mechanics, science skin structure , Body aesthetics and other strict accordance with the proportion of women's chest and the surrounding structure design and aesthetic creation, the healthy shaping and sexy revolution to a new height of fashion, for the feminine and sexy and hard work.


Since her birth, the Little Women's Enterprise relied on the cultural background of her novel "Little Woman" and became known as "Perfection," "Confidence," "Trend," and "Fashion" pursued by the protagonist "Joe." International brand, and quickly became the fashion favorite of the majority of women's fashion.

Slim soft material, exquisitely carved. Personal perfect design, elegant pursuit of fashion, because the romantic woman is your gift to the nature of the sexy woman is a gift from your gift. Pursuit of fashion, the pursuit of sexy, the pursuit of health, the pursuit of charisma, is the secret weapon for every pretty lady, is the sower of every woman sower.

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