Mei Mei fashion brand women, create Mei Mei Queen

Mei Mei fashion brand women , using an eclectic design practices, and into the folds, split, lace and other fashion elements, color subtle, restrained, elegant, Smart ----- let you Mei Mei at the same time, but also tend to In the delicate, graceful aesthetic appeal, to create Mei Mei Queen!


She is elegant and beautiful. She is simple and stylish. Nature and perfect blend. Her quest for beauty is almost paranoid, and at the same time it is a unity of opposites of functionality and decoration. Mei can be satisfactory (people are satisfied, love); Mei good (beautiful; charming) Kerenkeikekeikeke pleasant.


Dongguan Mayfair Clothing Co., Ltd, established in 1998, is a professional women's apparel company integrating design, production, sales and brand operation. The company is located in the historical center, the fashion capital of Humen in Dongguan, the current opened in the country more than 100 counters, shops, sales now reached 300,000. Agents located in Haikou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Zhuzhou, Kunming, Shijiazhuang, Liuzhou, Guiyang and other markets. The company has its own factory, product development, product sales, its main brand "Mei Mei." Mei Mei fashion company with a steady pace, "Mei Mei" for the monopoly brand, to attract interested "Mei Mei" style franchisee.

This kind of Functional Fabric is usually treated by coating,PU or PVC. The special functions usually include flame retardant,waterproof,oil proof,anti-static,anti-mosquito,hygroscopicity and quick drying,easy-care,antibacterial,anti-UV,infrared retardant,etc.Normally,this kind of fabric can be used for bags, vest,tent,etc.

PU Coating Fabric

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