Broadcast: broadcast women's pants 2015 new

The regular art dot printing design can control various styles of tops, styles change, integrate tradition and modernity, and reshape the enduring charm. Broadcast: broadcast summer classes, let a "sweet" point pants hold up a summer.

Broadcast: Sophisticated design of the big wave point print with a short version of the tops, simple and simple, by adding a free and easy nature, if every weekend, walking the streets, youthful vitality is unconventional, without losing the handsome dress more than a woman feminine , Wearing a relaxed and fresh, relaxed and joyful, lingering in the summer warm air, slowly and gracefully.

And the integration of the long version of the upper body, showing a faint range of artistic style children, intellectual and elegant, with a more true, broadcast: broadcast unique wave design to create a retro and calm mood, shape patchwork, temperament gentle, quiet Elegant, with its own strength, introverted and profound.

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