Warm congratulation Spring Ruide brand underwear Haining shop grand opening

July 11, 2015, Haining Intime City Jiangyuan Road 38, a new life was born, yes, the spring Ruidu brand underwear Haining shop grand opening on the 11th, the opening of the new store for the spring Ruoduo added a new life, Spring Rui Duo have a stronger team to meet the future more beautiful cause.

春天瑞朵 - spring Ritto

Spring, bring everyone fresh and green is full of vitality, so the spring Ruidu LOGO design, using a thriving green, but also very conspicuous Oh! Attract a lot of passers-by into the store to buy. On the opening day, of course, the festive flower baskets and red carpet are all welcome to the next every customer.



New stores opened, concessions continue ... ... the full range of stores, ladies underwear, pajamas, men's underwear ... ... to meet everyone's necessities of life. Neatly placed underwear of different styles, to the shop every customer more clearly choose their favorite style and fabric. Better move, quickly enter the store to buy it! ! !

Xiaobian hereby congratulate the new store opened again, business is booming, extra cash ... ...

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