Sexy package hip skirt to create a perfect body to do romantic elegance, "Mei Mei" woman

She is charming, charming, romantic, but always elegant, wanton fantasy and subtle, elegant and beautiful, simple and stylish, natural and perfect fusion, her pursuit of beauty is almost paranoid, but also the unity of function and decorative opposites, She is " lovely " woman.


Let the woman blooming infinite sexy temptation package hip skirts and lace collide, this vibrant, elegant and able to dress so that everyone can not resist the classic Peter Pan round neck sexy into a little sweet flavor, dotted with shiny crystal wide waist Seal prominent waist curve, elongated leg lines.

性感包臀裙打造完美身形  做浪漫优雅“可媚”女人

One-piece dress hip skirt perfectly fit the curve of the female figure, but also eliminates the troubles with, by urban women's love. Simple and elegant color geometric shapes, more mature charm, and stitching black perspective lace, irregular tailoring to create a sense of hierarchy, breaking monotonous.