Eva ouxiu Yihua Ouxiu assists entertainer Cheng Yuanyuan fashion business image

Pure and beautiful new generation actress Cheng Yuanyuan's ever-changing business image has changed from the previous model to a variety of events in a beautiful and stylish image. Recently, she was honored to be appointed as the first Chinese "Green Angel" in China to protect the title of the Chinese sturgeon protection angel. This honor makes Cheng Yuanyuan happy, but also said that in the future will strive to do a good job. The clothing worn by Cheng Yuanyuan on the day was eva ouxiu's new dresses in the summer of 2013. This dress can highlight personal qualities and curves.

Eva ouxiu Yihua Ouxiu assists entertainer Cheng Yuanyuan fashion business image

Not long ago, @ Cheng Yuanyuan was dressed in eva ouxiu's 2013 summer series of new black dresses to attend a certain brand event. The long cropped dresses were fashionable and handsome, and the metal was matched with black leather belts to play a crucial role. .

Eva ouxiu Ihua Ou Xiu 2013 Summer Collection

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