Karl Fett De Munsite with your similar autumn and winter down jacket tasting

From July 30 to July 31, Foshan Karl Fite Garments Co., Ltd organized a "Diagnostic Meeting for Multiplication of Terminal Performance in Children's Garment Industry" at Hangzhou Sijiqing Peacock Hotel in conjunction with Karl Fite and De Munster East China Branch, Karl Fett, De Munster autumn and winter down tasting tasting ", the event will be in the industry to get many shops, shops and high-quality customers to participate, we set up a 300-square-site image of the exhibition hall, so you feel the card Children's Buffet, De Munsite demo product charm! Garment Co., Ltd. Foshan City, under the leading "Carrefied" "De Munsite" two brands, from Europe's top children's wear brand series to economically developed areas Children's distinctive personality, self-affirmation, enjoy diversity and mental health as the entrepreneurial tone. French brand designers as design director, with well-known designers at home and abroad of the professional design team, has formed the Spring and Autumn, winter, summer three series of different geographical styles of children's clothing tribes. Karl Fett brand is China's top ten designers Miss Qiu Guoping led the initiative, CCTV brand list, the country opened more than 1,600 stores, the number of customers in about 1000, in the design focus on the personality of modern children's publicity, to develop elegant and noble Temperament, learn to discover and appreciate the United States, to play an unrestrained imagination, to restore children's innocence and seeking good, seeking the essence of life, the formation of a sound psychological character. Highlight the bright colors, bright, with abstract decorative patterns to stimulate children's thinking and artistic inspiration. De Munsite style series and diversified, easy to adjust with the extension of each piece of clothing creative space, is to create a dress that is a mood that is rich and colorful way of life, that is, the innumerable novelty is One by one and affectionate childhood story. De Munsite stressed that "details determine success or failure", and even pay attention to every button and thread for all finished products. In the child's health, environmental protection, safety made every possible care. "Children's wear industry terminal performance doubled" expert diagnosis and "Karl Fett, autumn and winter, Down Munster Tasting" meeting specific arrangements: 1, the meeting: "Children's clothing industry terminal performance doubled" training session, , Desmond Products Investment Association; 2, meeting time: July 2013 July 30-31 (2 pm on the 30th registration) 3, Venue: Peacock Hotel, Hangzhou Evergreen.

TAPERS/Stick Candles
Tapers/Stick Candles
Our unscented, fragrance free tapers and stick candles are made right here in Hollywood, California and frequently requested by set designers throughout the entertainment industry. They are perfect for weddings, holidays, parties, ceremonies, religious events and vigils. Create the perfect touch for a family get-together or set the tone for your romantic evening.

We use only high quality wax in our clean, evenly burning candles. They are available in various lengths and many colors.
This is an easy method for producing simple Taper Candles. It isn't a hard process but it is time-consuming, so make sure to have some free time. The style of taper that you produce is up to you. Shorter taper candles have a more rustic feel, while longer candles suit elegant dinner parties. The choice is yours and is created by the choice of length of taper and the amount of wax layered on.

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Our range of luxurious, hand-dipped tap­­­er candles come in an assortment of designer colors and are so versatile that you can use them for any occasion.

About Our Taper Candles
Our taper candles are long, elegant candles that narrow from a slightly wider base to a conical tip. We offer a variety of sizes, from 6" to 39", with the base of the candle sized to fit into most standard candle-holders. You can purchase taper candles in pairs or in boxes of twelve, and some colors are available in a ½" version.

Why Choose Taper Candles?
We hand-make taper candles using our proprietary wax blend. They are made in small batches to ensure consistent high quality during the dipping and pouring process, and a slow burn that is smokeless and dripless. Our taper candles are also scentless, with the exception of beeswax.

Décor Inspiration
Taper candles can be used for many occasions. Try black and white tapers to create an elegant dinner party, bright colors for a social get-together, and match colors to your wedding theme. You can even use them to make an ordinary night in feel a little more special.

Stick Candle

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