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Fashion is a life with artistic taste. Fashion is not exactly equal to fashion, fashion is an innovation, fashion is a kind of spirit. Elegance is noble, is the art of gas reflected in the bones is the long-term aesthetic after the precipitation and accumulation of life. Elegant and moral related. konsül men's elegant fashion, return to the real, beyond the visible fashion in people's elegant and stylish, which is the original intention of konsül; map with the spirit of immaterial innermost heart, which is konsül life essence. That is: the most natural place to see the true water all the way to run all things. konsül brand embodies this concept from time to time. konsül Design: With the forward-looking in Europe, the product is highly innovative and harmonious in style, the bold structure of the line to win, set work and life in one, the development of the most innovative clothing art works. Outstanding neutral elegance, with a simple cut, plus pioneer decorative techniques, the emphasis on the color black and white gray neutral color, reflecting the elegant men's temperament, embodies the harmony of the essence of the brand. Brand positioning: sales channel positioning: a market-based, supplemented by two types of markets, direct sales department in influential department stores opened counters. Promotion mode positioning: The combination of physical store marketing activities and website promotion and marketing, accompanied by microblogging, print carrier, soft paper and other promotional methods. Target consumers: men aged 25-35. They are creative, the pursuit of free life, have a certain sensitivity to fashion; they also love life, concerned about environmental protection, social responsibility.

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