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[China Glass Network] How can a higher leader of a company and a decision-maker of a corporate marketing system effectively carry out marketing work? An undergraduate or MBA who has just graduated from the College of Business and Technology may be more secure in dealing with this problem. It is necessary to move a whole set of textbooks and put them in front of the questioners to ensure that the problem can always be solved. This can be a bitter person to ask this question. Originally, he wanted to make the complicated problem more concise. Now he has to review the whole set of textbooks that take years to complete.

Obviously this is unrealistic. For the decision-makers in the marketing front, it is important to understand the marketing of the system. But if you don’t know how to refine it into some basic strategies, and you don’t know how to use it flexibly in marketing practice, then everything is on paper. Endless harm. A marketing worker who faces the reality of the market, if he can't grasp the basic laws of marketing science, but only uses a set of mechanical and complicated marketing theory system to set up the actual marketing work, it will certainly make dogmatic mistakes. We can't say that everyone with a marketing discipline qualification can do a good job in marketing.

Therefore, whether the basic laws of marketing science and the core values ​​of marketing technology can be mastered can become the key to creative work in marketing practice. I think that these more basic and core things are even more important and more instructive than those that are meticulous and dripping. This point seems to be more urgent for companies facing a diverse and diverse living environment in China. Under the premise of leaving a special living environment and special business conditions, mechanically and indiscriminately promoting the Western marketing science system, it is impossible for any enterprise to obtain good practical results. After all, we are talking about a rich marketing practice that targets success, not a rigid biological clone for the same purpose.

I have summed up seven more basic marketing strategies. Called the Golden Law, they are fundamental in nature, or they are rules that guide us to avoid the mistakes of mechanism and dogmatism. I believe that these seven golden rules are successful for the company to carry out marketing work, especially marketing decision-making work. It is also the basic strategic principle for us to win.

One of the golden laws: the consumer is on

What is marketing? A more consistent view is that marketing is a social and managerial process in which individuals and groups exchange products and values ​​to meet needs and desires. It is easy to see clearly: the needs and desires of consumers play a decisive role in this management process. Consumers are the center and goal of all marketing activities.

Yes, this one looks a bit simplistic and boring, so that some people will be disappointed. In fact, many domestic business operators and directors of marketing departments, the past many successful experiences are not from this basic strategy. Many people rely on the black and gray management methods to complete the original accumulation of enterprises under the national conditions in which the market operating environment is still incomplete. Entrepreneurs who have grown up in this situation will be immersed in business philosophy that is far from consumers and unable to extricate themselves. But we must see the essence of the problem, that is, the accumulation of such wealth and the growth of the enterprise does not mean that in the past, we have learned the techniques and methods to succeed by winning consumers. Nor can they support the view that they can achieve new victories in the future marketing process by ignoring and violating the will of consumers. The reality proves that the situation is just the opposite. There are still some enterprises that have risen by means of marketization, but these enterprises will be guilty of the common mistake: that is, with certain market achievements, they will be arrogant and arrogant, and the management and decision-making of enterprises will become more and more separated from consumers. The more contempt for consumers, the more self-righteous, rather than paying close attention to consumers, researching consumers and paying more attention to consumers, thus incurring failure.

Often the marketing and planning communities do not intend to admit that every step forward and every corner of their success comes from being closer to the consumer; they would rather say that everything stems from their particular talent and superhuman energy.

And we must all the mysterious coats that are floating in the marketing, planning, and advertising worlds. We must see that every successful marketing campaign is closely related to being closer to consumers. Almost all of the new successful marketing campaigns benefit from the “customer first” marketing approach. Better products, or better brand image; better market positioning, or more effective advertising; better promotional ideas, or better public relations promotion, must gain power from consumers Source. Out of the consumer, all marketing plans will immediately become a flower boxing leg, which can not be used. Out of the consumer, the savvy marketing master will be unable to do anything.

When we confirm that "consumer is the top" is a more basic marketing strategy, it also means that other marketing strategies are only derived and subordinate, and can only play a role without violating this basic strategy. We have seen a lot of fancy marketing tricks that have been confusing for a long time: such as scammer-style advertising ideas, such as reversing black and white public relations, have once greatly appreciated the industry. Later, without exception, the company fell into the abyss, leaving the brand and products disappeared from the market.

What we want is not a momentary mania, what we want is sustainable success. Because we are talking about marketing.

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