2012-2016 China/Minor Children's Clothing Market Survey Report

According to the "2012-2016 China/Minor Children's Wear Market Survey Report" published by Champion Consulting, the children's wear market has broad prospects, but it also faces various problems. The children's wear market has a serious lack of leading brands, and homogeneity is serious. . Children's clothing sold on the market can be similar in style or color, and mislead consumers in purchasing children's clothing to a certain extent. Children's clothing companies need to overcome these problems and achieve stable and rapid development.

This year, China's apparel industry has generally shown a trend of low growth. The children's wear industry has turned against the market. The children's wear market has broad prospects for development and will become a big cake for the development of the apparel industry. This year, the development of China's garment industry is relatively stable, and children's wear is the most active area in recent years. Ten years ago, the market size of China's baby industry reached less than 100 billion yuan. Last year, it reached 1 trillion yuan, showing a broad prospect for the children's wear market.

Shangpu Consulting's light industry analysts believe that during the development period of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the scale of the children's wear market will grow by 30% every year. The activeness of the children's wear market is associated with the consumption concept of the new generation of parents after the 80s. These young parents have higher levels of education and income, stronger purchasing power, and newer consumer attitudes. In addition, according to the current mainstream 4+2+1 family structure in Chinese cities, there are also six parents rushing to pay for a child. China's children's wear is still in its infancy, with frequent quality problems and lack of leading brands. With many garment companies aggressively involved in the field of children's wear in recent years, the children's wear industry will face a new round of "reshuffle." The brand is an obvious "soft rib" in the children's wear industry in China.

According to experts, currently 70% of children's clothing manufacturers in China are in brand-free status, and many of them are small and medium-sized enterprises that mainly deal with processing and OEM. Although a number of brands specializing in children's wear have risen in recent years, the Chinese children's wear market still lacks leading companies. Take Dr. Frog as an example, the company ranks among the top middle and high-end children's consumer goods markets in China. However, the market share is only 4%, indicating that no brand or company has sufficient scale or influence.

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