Hua Si's "Brilliantly Affordable" Winter 2012 New Products Release

At the beginning of July in Beijing, heat waves have not yet hit, and cool eyes are full of bonuses. In this wonderful season, Beijing Huasi Clothing Co., Ltd. “Autumn 2012 New Products Exhibition” was held on July 8 at the Quintiles Hotel. More than 100 guests including well-known shopping mall leaders, outstanding brand distributors and over a dozen fashion media attended the event.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the listed company Huasi Co., Ltd., Beijing Huasi Garment Co., Ltd. is advancing with the times to match the Eastern and Western design concepts, and to use the advantages of fur to integrate the concept of designer brands into its premium ladies brand “HERAS” (Wras). "EGAKE" brings you extraordinary and distinguished experience.

Mr. He Sucheng, President of the Huasi Co., Ltd., made a strategic speech on the future development of Beijing Huasi Garment Co., Ltd., and Beijing Huasi will inherit the excellent genes of Huasi Co., Ltd. and, as always, persist in doing “Chinese connotation”. "," "Europe quality", "international fashion" fashion brand, truly brings consumers a colorful new experience.

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