Vatican Men's striped shirt highlight the elegant style

[Van Si Nuo fashion recommended] fine striped interpretation of exquisite simplicity of life, purple full of romantic atmosphere, more man's honor and wisdom charm. Regardless of formal occasions to attend or friends gatherings are very right, with casual pants & suit pants put on a differe

How to identify true and false agate jewelry?

Agate is a gemstone commonly used in inlaid jewellery and engraving crafts. The method of authenticity selection is as follows: (1) Color: The true agate color is bright and bright, and the color and light of the fake agate are both poor. The contrast between the two is m

betu beautiful flower pattern more beautiful you

Beautiful nature is always the source of inspiration for designers. When tender flowers continue to bloom in the early autumn wardrobe, betu Autumn with a realistic and beautiful painting techniques printing rich ornate palace wind flower pattern, showing Baroque gorgeous unobtrusive retro romanti

Astronomical Jade Debuts at Emerald Shenyang Jewelry Show

A few days ago, at the Shenyang International Jewellery Show opened in Liaoning Industrial Exhibition Hall, a jadeite jadeite with a price of 150 million yuan became the focus of the jewelry exhibition. This is an emerald jewelry inlaid with a face full of green jade eggs about twice the s

Wanli filial piety embellished with jewels

From the blue crown worn by the queen of ancient Egypt to the wide-brimmed hat worn by the Queen of England in the public, the countless things prove the important role of exaggerated hats for the grooming of women, and it is no exception in our country. . The phoenix crow