Quzhou City forest products sought after by domestic and foreign merchants

The reporter learned from the Quzhou Forestry Bureau that more than 100 forest products from more than 30 forestry enterprises in Quzhou participated in the 2011 China-ASEAN Expo forest products and wood products exhibition. In the three-day exhibition, the forest products of Zhangzhou City were favored by domestic and foreign merchants.

The forest industry event was organized by the China-ASEAN Expo Secretariat, the China Forest Industry Association, and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Forestry Department. It was held from November 18 to 21 at the International Convention and Exhibition Center in Nanning. Eight leading forestry enterprises such as Sanwei Forest Industry Co., Ltd. and more than 20 representative forestry enterprises participated in the exhibition, focusing on the display of forests with distinctive characteristics of man-made boards, rosin deep processing products, and forest tourism areas. product.

Luzhou City has five booths in Guangxi's characteristic exhibits area. The most popular is the mahogany furniture exhibited by Bibang Furniture Co., Ltd. and the Xianren Lake Ecological Tourism Area and Shibiao Mountain Scenic Area, which are sold by forest tourism. , ticket prices, and requests for business cards flow endlessly.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Forestry, the Nanning people who come to visit the rattan-made fruit baskets, packaging baskets, bonsai and other vines produced by the Nandu Town Craft Factory of Suixi City put it down. These small crafts are expensive. 50-60 yuan, but many people on the spot to save money to buy exhibits, learn that the exhibits are not sold, the citizens also asked for contact, I hope the manufacturers can mail the goods.

Although there are not many people in booths for various sheet companies, the professionals who come to visit and join in the show are all eye-catching professionals and merchants of bulk goods transactions. Blockboards from Zhangzhou Wanglin Wood Co., Ltd., medium and high density fiberboard from Sanwei Forestry Industry Co., Ltd., plywood from Guilin Forest Products Co., Ltd., and particleboard from Mengshan Yihua Wood Co., Ltd. have all received orders from domestic and foreign merchants.

Jingxian Perfume Co., Ltd. of Tengxian County exhibited deep processed products such as laurel oil, fennel oil and star anise oil. Chairman of the company Liang Dinghong said: “Over 300 copies of promotional materials were distributed and met with domestic and foreign merchants in Shanghai, Jiangxi, and even the United States. The other party clearly stated that they would send personnel to visit our company immediately and finalize the procurement contract.”

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