Honey Beibei children's clothing so that children and warm zero distance

The same hemisphere, the same winter. This winter, Mithubeh spans the distance to the center of the earth, spreading beauty and love to every child on Earth. Noble European descent, minimalist classic hand-written design, almost harsh texture, honey Beibei heart care every inch of skin, but also care for the children's childhood a very precious sense of pride. Meibei Beibei focus on children's fantasy, lively, pure heart of the world to explore the 2011 Meibei Beibei children's wear design style adhere to the elegant leisure and fashion sports two main line of popular, creative approach, the sustainability of environmental protection and children's wear The combination of fashion, the material and color, material and design to build a harmonious relationship between, in particular, the color, texture and mix and match unique treatment is a major feature of the season.

Light foam bottom where rubber was mixed with EVA. It excels in abrasion resistance, and cushioning properties are also preeminent

"Zeomic" is extremely excellent also in safety in the inorganic anti-bacterium medicine using the bactericidal action of silver ion Ag +.

It is an inorganic anti-bacterium medicine developed by using sterilizing properties of silver ion (Ag+).

It is extremely excellent in safety and the antimicrobial spectrum, the durability, and heatproof.

It suits the examination and the criterion of JIS Z 2801, and the SIAA mark in accordance with anti-bacterium product American Engineering Council (SIAA) guideline is acquired.

By using high repulsion cushion whole over the insole, realized softly wearing feels

We used COOL MAX EVERYDAY (R)Fabric.

COOL MAX(R) is high-performance material that absorb moisture quickly from inside shoes and release it quickly outside .

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