Rabbit hair crystal knowledge

Rabbit hair crystal knowledge "Rabbit Hair" crystal, as its name suggests, contains numerous hair-like hair mineral aggregates in crystal clear and colorless crystals.

"Rabbit" crystal is a product image name. It is listed as a crystal in the national standard GB/T 16553-2003, because it contains different hair-like inclusion bodies and is also called hair crystal.

The white "rabbit hair" crystal, in the colorless and transparent crystal, is distributed with fine hair-like tremolite, which is crooked. Tremolite fine crystal cross section is only 0.01 ~ 0.001mm, and the length can reach several mm, like a white silk daisy.

The red "Rabbit" crystal, in the colorless transparent crystal, is distributed with microscopic hair-like hematite. The hematite microcrystals have a needle-like appearance and are observed with a naked red eye, but the length is 0.01 to visible under a polarized microscope. 0.001 needle crystals.

Yellow "Rabbit" crystal, in the colorless and transparent crystal, distributed with micro-fabricated rutile, curved and clustered. Crystal cross-section is only 0.01 ~ 0.001mm, and the length up to several mm, like a yellow silk Ju.

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