Hung Ho Sports Shoes brand project to achieve trial production during the year

Yesterday, the author was informed that the Jielu Footwear Co., Ltd. that was started construction in December last year will test production next month. More than 400 new workers have started training. It took only one year from start of construction to production start-up, thanks to a “nanny” of the project that is under the supervision and service of the project.

Jielu is an innovative sports brand created by China’s top 500 privately-owned enterprises, the “Red Dragonfly Group”, and invested in the Huangshi Industrial Park. At the beginning of the construction, the project supervision office of Licheng District took the initiative to in-depth guidance on the site, and asked the staff of the construction department to intervene in advance to avoid the quality supervision and rectification problems that may occur in the project acceptance process for similar projects. After learning that the owner plans to fine-tune the floor and railings of the original design plan, the project “nanny” actively contacted relevant departments to coordinate and resolve the issue. This alone will save material costs of 400,000 yuan for the project and shorten the construction period by more than two months. In the project acceptance, the project “nanny” also instructed the company to prepare in advance and innovatively adopt the “slitting to zero” method for acceptance, avoiding the time of invalid waiting in the process of project acceptance. It is these interlocking services. The type of supervision and inspection prompted the project to speed up effectively and won time for the company to start production at an early date.

Right now, in the project complex, more than 40 workers are sprinting day and night, fine interior decoration, production equipment has also been placed in place. It is reported that after the project is put into production, it is estimated that it will produce more than 1.2 million pairs of finished shoes annually, increase the industrial output value by 90 million yuan, and increase the tax revenue by 3 million yuan.

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