"Real Road" clothing 2012 summer new conference will be held

Hangzhou "real road" clothing 2012 summer "Blue Coast" theme new conference and order will be prepared in the December 1, 2011 to December 3 in Hangzhou, the beautiful West Lake Grand Opening, in order to share this joy, we We sincerely invite the fashion elites from all over the country to come to attend the grand occasion of fashion and wealth elaborately organized by "Rexil Road", tasting the elegance and fashion of "Rexroth Road" ......


MCINO means: "Unparalleled, can not be copied", the Chinese name: Rexroth Road, is a designer original brand, located in 22-45 dressed elegant and can show the fashion sense of mature lady, MCINO is willing to read the voice of their hearts, as if Flowers bloom in the night the general subtle sound. To learn more about different women. In order to meet the needs of different women more so that they can live in comfort and beauty, MCINO chooses fabrics for apparel fabrics. MCINO mainly to fashion women's products, mainly to the comfortable material, unique design, often unexpected surprises in the details, in addition to the quarter into the new fashion elements, MCINO original fabric cut and the use of multi-technology, but also will be popular Further innovation with real wear, is a fashion category for the general public, suitable for women with a keen sense of the trend. The elegant series of low-key design, the traditional formal dress and dress and women's gentle elements reflect the appropriate integration, together with the smooth cut and multi-level use of color, both to highlight the wearer's personality without exaggeration, Is the best choice for office wear.


MCINO, 2012 Summer "Blue Coast" theme new conference, we meet in Hangzhou Overseas Nachuan Hotel, let us look forward to this moment of arrival!

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