Viol Peirong children's clothing, let children bloom full of virgin smile

"VEAOPEL" ---- China's leading children's brand, with a lovely cartoon bee shape "veaopel" (Vea Opel) as a brand logo, the logo is a lovely bee, bee, bees Flies to the million flowers in the wings, is picking flowers to go back to the honey, full of virginity smile shows its vitality, pollen honey in the flowers show its hard-working, brave, self-reliance, responsible personality Create a better life for yourself and your family's future. The entire LOGO theme color is green, representing the vitality of all things, also said that Veaopel VEAOPEL brand has a strong vitality; the bee under the English VEAOPEL V with a red heart to visualize, highlighting the bee has a Love. We are the bee character and moving, but also for the spirit of the bees and inspired us to promote the Viaoope VEAOPEL team we are engaged in the children's clothing industry to work harder and healthier. Romantic virginity, fashion classic, into the fashion elements, the pressure of the release of growth; Let confidence to meet the hope, let the taste grow with you.

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