Good News Bird held 2011 children's summer camp, the truth warm every employee

On July 17, 2011, the camp for the second day of the good news bird was formally opened in Wenzhou. More than 170 "migratory birds" from all over the country gathered at the park to start a 45-day summer vacation. It is understood that the good news bird Wenzhou Park a total of more than 2,000 employees, most employees from the field, and most of their children left home. In recent years, during summer vacation, some employees and children come to Wenzhou to reunite with their parents. Because of work reasons, many employees can not reunite with their families, but can not take care of their children's learning and life. However, most of the employees who brought their children from their hometown are also worried because they can not take care of their children during the daytime. In order to help these employees to solve worries, it is even more important for the "small migratory birds" who are reunited to learn and live happily ever after. Since last year, the good news birds have carried out summer camps for their staff and children to create colorful holidays for their children. Last August, Good News Bird successfully held the first employee summer camp for children. The event was highly recognized by the majority of staff and enhanced the cohesion and solidarity of the company. In mid-June of this year, many employees began consulting with the camps for the children of Annunciation birds. The leaders of the company attached great importance to it. After studying and making decisions by the board of directors, Party committees, trade union leaders and relevant departments, the summer camp will devote more manpower and material resources And financial resources. At present, only the purchase of educational toys, school supplies and supplies of daily necessities has reached 100,000 yuan. According to the person in charge of the relevant activities, the good news for this year's summer activities for employees' children and children made some improvements and innovations in the form of organization. First of all, on the team of teachers, in addition to inviting counselors from 5 professional educational institutions, there are also 5 undergraduates who have received financial support from the hi birds for taking the initiative to give up their vacations. They said they should play their professional expertise, participate in summer camp activities, They interact with each other. Secondly, in the class organization: children of different ages, divided into four classes from last year's four classes are more conducive to unified management, the entire summer camp activities from last year's 24 days to 45 days so that children Have more time to enjoy affection with your parents. In the curriculum: continue last year's morning exercises, games, handcraft, doctrine Wenzhou dialect, homework tutoring and talent show. In addition, this year, at the request of parents and students, additional English courses have been specially set up. In the lower grades, English enlightenment teaching is conducted to cultivate students' interest in learning English in the form of games and songs. Middle-aged and senior-level students are also targeted according to student curricula Co-ordinate and strengthen oral practice, encourage children in their daily lives, "learn more, practice more, use." This meticulous and thoughtful arrangement, so that employees feel deeply the business of their concern, they have said that in the future will work harder to return business love of employees. It is reported that since the founding of the Good News Bird Group has always been to "return employees, contributing to the community" as the core purpose of the enterprise, and actively implement the actual move to go. In addition to carrying out summer activities for employees and children, the company organizes employee outings every year, organizes employee sports games, photo contests and song competitions on a regular basis to enrich the staff's spare time. The park is equipped with medical and health stations and other infrastructure, annual staff for a full physical examination. And invested more than 200 million for employee food subsidies for the staff quarters unified installation of air conditioning, purchase of 21-inch color TV set up a "chairman of the reception day", set up the leadership of the company and first-line staff communication bridge. Goodwill birds caring staff through these ways, so that employees as the hi home for the news, to reward good news bird proud. Employees also work together to contribute to the future of the business force.

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