How to wear high heels correctly

[This site - shoes and life] to wear high heels of several matters needing attention

a. Put on high heels, upper body straight (pay attention to posture, do not lean forward or backward), inhale the abdomen, stop the air in the position of the chest.

b. With the strength of the thighs, lift the thighs gently and drive the legs forward to step out of the way. (A lot of people usually use the power of the calf to drive the step (store) to cut, so there will be no beautiful walking posture.) Remember that the thigh must be lifted, although only slightly lifted, but it can make the body's center of gravity Instead of always keeping the focus on the lower body. In this way, the pace will not be heavy, but simply light.

c. When striding (specialty store) on the ground, remember not to use the heel or toe to touch the ground. It is correct to use the "middle part of the footboard" to land. This will not only reduce the pressure on the legs when walking, but also the necessary courtesy to wear high heels, so that the noise generated by the ear to the ground to minimize the ear.

d. When the two legs cross out, they do not have to be in a straight line, as long as the feet go naturally. Both hands relax and swing naturally, looking very generous.

e. During practice, always pay attention to whether the upper body stays in the middle of the legs when you step out. You can look in the mirror, reflect the floor to ceiling window, or ask a friend to help you see it. This can effectively check whether the body has a wrong posture with forward or backward.

How to relieve foot fatigue after wearing high heels

1, take suitable amount of water (appropriately 35 ° -40 °)

2, according to personal needs instill 3-4 drops of essential oils (such as: tea tree oil can remove foot odor; lavender essential oil helps sleep; rose oil makes people feel good)

3, in the bathing process, add the right amount of rose buds (increase the romantic atmosphere, relieve fatigue)

4, take the appropriate amount of brown sugar to remove the cream evenly applied to the feet, gently massage to the emulsion clean water.

5, can wear a small socks with a foot acupuncture point map, to foot massage, relieve fatigue

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