New Year's Eve arrived ~ CC & DD ladies to your New Year

Today is the first day of the New Year, is not ready for New Year's clothes ready for the New Year? Outdoor weather is a bit cold, so you can not just do not temperature demeanor Oh. Do you want to show a new look to other people this year? Choose a very luxurious fur coat it. CC & DD enamored for you to prepare a lovely fresh style fur coat, Come and see it.

除夕到啦~ CC&DD女装给您大拜年

Earthy colors have the feeling of being close to nature, with a navy blue scarf to create a harmonious color ratio, tight leg pants are the tools to lengthen the body line Oh.

除夕到啦~ CC&DD女装给您大拜年

Navy blue fur mature atmosphere, lovely princess round neck and a touch of playful taste, with lace Puff skirt, mix and match style in one step.

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