The difference between Hetian jade seed and mountain material

Hetian jade can be divided into three types according to the origin: mountain material, mountain water and seed material:

1. Mountain material: Also known as Shanyu/Baojiayu, it is a native mine on the mountain. It is more than 5,000 meters above sea level. It is mined by artificial blasting. The block size is large, the edges and corners are distinct, and the jade quality is also uneven. Some sugar-colored (mainly ferrous oxide), is a festive color, was carved in a unique position, the collection price is very high. Because the mountain block is large and the output is slightly higher, bracelets, brands, pendants, ornaments, etc. are generally produced. When carving, the material will be selected according to the theme, with emphasis on craftsmanship.

2. Mountain water: It is named by Caiyu people and Yuyu people. It means that the original ore blocks are large, the edges are slightly rounded, and the surface is slightly rounded.

3. Seed material: It is a primary mine produced from the mountain. It is crushed by weathering and then rolled into the nearby river along the mountain. It is taken to a lower place by the river, and it is used for long-term natural handling and scouring. In the middle, the edges and corners are rounded, leaving most of the essence is the hard, pure essence. The seed material generally has a small block size, a smooth surface, rounded edges, tough texture, very fine, and particularly good fat, similar to goose-like. The seed material generally has a skin color, which is caused by the conversion of ferrous oxide in Hetian jade to ferrous oxide under oxidizing conditions. It is secondary, very unique, and has a very high collection price after engraving. . Generally, autumn pear skin, deer skin, and tiger skin are fine white jade seeds. Because the seed material is relatively rare, it is unique when formed. It is unique and cannot be copied. Therefore, when carving the seed material, the subject matter is generally determined according to the texture, shape and color of the jade material, and the original appearance of the jade is maximized. It's original. The seed material is generally made into a handle piece, a pendant, a decoration, and the like.

Hetian jade seed material

[Seed] sheep fat jade seed material all the way

The jade is fine and smooth, the color is even flashing gray, the body is like gelatin, the texture is thick and warm, the back is covered with gold skin, and the skin is tender and tender.

Lotus: It is a product, the name of the highest official rank in ancient times. There are many poems about the lotus flower in ancient times.

Song Zhou Dun's "Ai Lian said" sentence: out of the mud without dyeing, 濯 濯 涟 涟 涟 。 。. So far the population.

In addition, the carving technique is exquisite, the lotus is elegant, the lotus leaf curls naturally, and it is more enjoyable.

Hetian jade seed material

[Mountain material] Yangzhiyu hand play for more than a year

The jade is white and delicate, and the oil is rich and full. The whole round is carved with one big and two small squid, and the fin fish tail is naturally curled.

The mouth contains lotus seed grass, which seems to swim in the water, lifelike, this style is fine, the lines are simple but delicate and soft.

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