A little trick when buying silk quilts for weddings

Silk is getting more and more people's attention and love, because it is very light, warm performance is also good, and silk has natural antibacterial properties, but many people do not know how to choose a good silk quilt.

A silk engineer of a silk production company said that when buying silk quilts, some merchants put the quilt tightly. When the customer proposes to look at the silk material, it may be rejected by the merchant on the grounds of fear of tearing down the quilt. It is best not to buy this situation, it is likely to have "catty".

Good quality silk is usually zippered at the corners or edges so that consumers can see the length and color of the silk. Silk is generally top grade with jade white, long silk and elastic. If the silk is found to be very white, it may be bleached. If the burning point of the silk is very low, it will be extinguished soon after burning. The smoke emerging from the burning is white, accompanied by the burning smell of burning feathers. The burnt ash is brittle and brittle, and the hand is pinched into powder. It is really silk.

In addition, you can also identify the authenticity of silk by looking at the electrostatic response. Firmly rub the silk exposed at the zipper opening for about one minute, then let the silk suck the shredded paper of the size of the millet. If you can pick up the paper dust, it means that it is a chemical fiber or a large amount of chemical fiber, because pure silk does not generate static electricity.

In the maintenance of silk quilts, there are also some places to pay attention to. When not in use, the silk should be air-dried first, folded and placed in a plastic bag, but a small number of holes should be placed on the plastic bag to breathe. Be careful not to press on the top and store in a cool dry place.

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