How to wear high heels correctly

[This site - shoes and life] to wear high heels of several matters needing attention a. Put on high heels, upper body straight (pay attention to posture, do not lean forward or backward), inhale the abdomen, stop the air in the position of the chest. b. With the strength of the thighs, lift the

New Year's Eve arrived ~ CC & DD ladies to your New Year

Today is the first day of the New Year, is not ready for New Year's clothes ready for the New Year? Outdoor weather is a bit cold, so you can not just do not temperature demeanor Oh. Do you want to show a new look to other people this year? Choose a very luxurious fur coat it. CC & DD enam

Li Denya ladies fashion mature and elegant modern image

Li Denya LIDENGYA According to the prevailing market characteristics of the market, the elegant and restrained oriental culture and Western culture, simple and elegant harmony, with their own unique point of view to interpret the meaning of fashion and elegance, its fashion elements and our tradit

Shang Ying women show beauty in detail

A fashion brand designed specifically for women - Shang Ying ladies . Elegant and concise yet luxurious, highlighting the beauty of the details, the natural distribution of female elegance. Each season a variety of styles and rich colors, so that the pursuit of perfection of urban women in each di

DOPURE fashion cowboy is born purely youth

For pure youth is pure youth - DOPURE global brand concept, not purely the real world, adhere to the pure world of self. - 30 years consistent brand creed, respect yourself, respect the heart, respect the true colors of things - DopeURE design principles, with my pure heart, visit the colorful worl

IVVI fashion women's low-key slow pace of life

IVVI uphold the more than 20 years has always insisted, with relaxed, natural, comfortable, confident wearing taste as the IVVI brand spirit and design philosophy, and the "weekly push the new" "popular not expensive" "no discount throughout the year," the three conce