A shining star in the children's wear brand - Bangui deer

Bangui deer spring and summer 2013 clothing installed on November 21, 2012 a successful conclusion. Spring and summer 2013 into South Korea and Japan style, with European and American fashion elements, by the franchisee alike. We also successfully signed 12 new stores such as Shinkansen, Chengdu, Z

Urban fashion led by you - Paul Danish women

We originated in the English town of the eleventh century, began in the elegant, kind, we have a dream, perseverance, hard work ahead; we have love, a trace, can not increase or decrease. BoluoDanLan products adhering to the European "fashion, atmosphere, classics," and into the East

A little trick when buying silk quilts for weddings

Silk is getting more and more people's attention and love, because it is very light, warm performance is also good, and silk has natural antibacterial properties, but many people do not know how to choose a good silk quilt. A silk engineer of a silk production company said that when buying

Ingenious winter coat with a thin, slim figure

Ben Wang, November 20 hearing, it is not difficult to wear thin and high in the fall and winter season. It only needs a stylish woolen coat. The perfect line of the figure can achieve the goal of easy heightening. Xiao Bian collected the latest woolen jackets for everyone. Let's take a look at