Health Function Textile Industry Development Analysis

Editor's note: In recent years, people have been pursuing health while also pursuing the concept of “wearing out of health” and “sleeping out of health” as a way of improving the quality of life. Therefore, as a high-tech, high value-added health care function t

Love yarn baby magic ring bra, make elegant + healthy woman

Breast is one of the characteristics of the show the beauty of the United States at the same time, breast-feeding breast function, so choose a bra to breast care is very important. With the development of underwear market, an array of lingerie on the market, many women friends in the choice of und

Cotton jacquard cloth price index fell slightly today

According to the monitoring report of the China Tongzhou Home Textiles Index, on February 2nd, the cotton milled cotton fabric closed at 147.08 points, down 0.53 points from the previous weekday's 147.61 points, and the index showed a slight decline. Just after the Spring Festival, the

2012 spring and summer charming heel series

Bennet December 23 hearing, Scarlet City Carrie a classic line is: "Standing on high heels, we can see the world." Visible, high heels for women is very important, and the heel as the soul of high-heeled shoes, This has caused many designers to make big heels on the heel, which makes the

Jennifer brand underwear new show spring unlimited

Jennifer brand underwear , a charming flower and blooming for the charming flowers, she used a unique gesture to dance out the potential of women's elegant personality. Jennifer brand underwear in the launch of new varieties, still inherit the love of women, every new product such as the sprin