Hongfan Aberdeen (INJUNBOY) is not only children's clothing is a life attitude (Figure)

"INJUNBOY" children's clothing is inspired by the cartoon culture of the Indian nation. It has the natural and simple character of the Indian nation. It also shows the personality of young children who are lively, longing for fashion and have their own beliefs, Unique cultural background and strong vitality, since its inception, has been the pursuit of highlighting the exquisite, personalized dress style, its smooth lines and perfect creativity, grasp the trend of design, material quality and process requirements of rigorous, none Do not reflect the children's deep understanding and considerate. Is represented on behalf of ------ fashion, leisure, health, vitality and continue to go beyond their own, maverick China's leading children's clothing brand, "Hongfan (INANUNBOY)" children's clothing to provide customers not only wear clothing, More is a way of life and attitude. From the early days of the brand creation, Hongfan was treated as the soul of product design and the quality of products as its life. Therefore, I designed the souls of the products from different perspectives in the United States, Hong Kong, China and three different places in China and tried to make every product With its own unique design language, it has become a forerunner in the industry. Therefore, adhering to the tradition of independent innovation and the pursuit of excellence, the company has continuously invested heavily in research and development to form its own brand design institute. Our aim is to bring the latest product from the design center to the market, translate into productivity and be willing to accept it for the consumer and put it into action for sale, ultimately improving the overall experience of children's clothing and thus Customer first win to achieve the principle of first.