Warm congratulations Dan Beizi Xiangyu underwear store opened for sale

It Danbei posture Xianyou store opened fresh off the 10,138 yuan! As a leading brand of high-end underwear , Dan Bei Zi strong presence in this tour, quality, brand, service sought after by the majority of friends, the scene is extremely hot, a number of single product out of stock, the manager emergency replenishment, thanks for the support!


Xianyou County, a total of more than thirty underwear shop, for the county, this market size, can be described as fierce competition, but the inspection, franklin marshall, franchisee Ms. Cheng Dan Beizi quality and brand confidence. In the process of looking for stores, specially selected a seven or eight underwear shop a commercial street, because here has formed underwear shopping business climate, and with the Dan Beizi quality and service, can definitely become a local underwear benchmarking brand.


Due to the small size of the storefront, the opening of the first day a lot of single product sold out of stock, franchisee emergency replenishment, the next day without any concessions, and sold more than 4817 yuan, more than one single product out of stock.


Dan Bei Zi stationed in Xianyou, re-determine the new height of comfort underwear, Dan Bei Zi is brought about by a revolution in underwear, the harsh demands of comfort and health. Look forward to franchisee two stores opened as soon as possible!

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