Defena underwear solemnly stationed in Nanchang Rainbow Department Store won the throne sales area

Defina brand underwear by virtue of their perseverance and high-quality brand culture continues to grow, the Fennel Linger solemn presence in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, Nanchang Rainbow Department Store opened a new store. August 29, the grand opening of the new store, the crowds of stores, pouring customers to make Fenner business more popular, so far every day there will be million of revenue, won the rainbow shopping underwear sales crown champion. I believe Di Fenna Nanse people have been successful in the hearts of the people, here we also congratulate Di Fenna underwear store business is booming, performance Changhong!


迪芬娜内衣隆重进驻南昌天虹商场 勇夺内衣区销量宝座

迪芬娜内衣隆重进驻南昌天虹商场 勇夺内衣区销量宝座

迪芬娜内衣隆重进驻南昌天虹商场 勇夺内衣区销量宝座

Defina underwear store opened, the surprise promotions these days non-stop, the machine must not be lost. A woman should be better to yourself, a high-quality Defena underwear not only allows you to wear beautiful is to let you wear health, ladies, you can choose for yourself Di Fenna wear out of their charm, the man can still choose Defenna makes the other half of your health show style, the best as a gift.

New autumn and winter of various brands listed, Defenna certainly will not let you down, a section of this year's 2015 autumn and winter new products are also presented to you in the shop, there are surprises Oh, quickly go buy it.

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