If you have a piece of South Red Agate 5 million to sell?


The South Red Agate is a general name for the red-yellow color that is produced in the southwestern part of China. It is called the Red Qiong, and the South Red Agate, which has a bright color and few crack standards, has a very low yield. Chinese royal families and Buddhists are obsessed with collecting and playing South Red Agate. Nanhong is produced in Xinjiang, Yunnan, southern Sichuan, Qinghai and Gansu. In recent years, new production areas have been concentrated in Dalian Liangshan and Baoshan, Yunnan. "Red has been a symbol of joy since ancient times. China Red has always been the darling of the market. The key to the redness of Nanhong is its natural red color." The preciousness of Nanhong is first of all its color. Secondly, Nanhong's materials are scarce and the yield is extremely low. Today, Xiaobian introduces the price trend of South Red Onyx 2015.

If the highest state of jadeite is the glass species of emperor green, then the highest state of agate is Nanhong. South Red has a hardness of 6.5-7, which is suitable for engraving. It is reported that the high-quality Nanhong Mine was once mined in the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. Therefore, collectors can't help but have a piece of Nanhong. The red color of South Red is also different. The industry divides Nanhong into Jinhong, Persimmon Red, Rose Red, Cinnabar Red, Red and White, and Red. Among them, persimmon red, rare rose red, the color tends to be red, brocade, cherry red, etc. are all high-grade colors. The southern red texture is sturdy, the look is moist, and the form of engraving is rich. With the emergence of high-quality Nanhong works, the integrity and craftsmanship will bring the quality of Nanhong collection to a new height in recent years.

South Red Agate price trend: From the recent increase in the price of South Red Agate, Nanhong can be described as a "black horse" in the collection. Regrettably, the south red of Baoshan in Yunnan can be described as the fragrance outside the wall. In Beijing, Guangzhou, Henan and other places, Yunnan Baoshan Nanhong is mentioned. Statistics show that in Beijing, since 2009, the price of South Red rough and finished products has doubled every year, and the year-on-year increase far exceeds celebrity painting and real estate, not to mention stocks and gold. "Five years ago, a few hundred yuan of South Red Balls, nowadays have to be several thousand, the perfect appearance, it is difficult to buy tens of thousands. This price is still referred to as Yuzhu. On the work, especially if it is still a famous The work can only be counted in tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars." A South Red businessman in Beijing said that in 2009, the price of Nanhong original stone was only one or two hundred yuan, but now it is all about selling. One gram is one or two hundred yuan, and the best one is several thousand yuan.

South Red Agate price trend: Compared with 5 years ago, the price of Nanhong has increased 100 times. From no one to no interest, Nanhong is definitely the new darling of the jade investment market. In 2009 and 2010, Nanhong original stone was also priced in Sichuan and Yunnan. The price of Sichuan Liangshan South Red rough was between RMB 10 and RMB 100 per kilogram, but now it is thousands. Last year, Nanhong ushered in the peak of prices, and the price of the fine Yunnan Nanshan original stone was as high as 100 yuan to 200 yuan per gram.

South red agate price trend: As the price of South Red continues to soar, at present, there are many fakes on the market. The South Red Agate should be understood from the literal meaning of the red agate in the south. However, there is news in the market recently that the South Red Market in China has actually appeared in the South China Red, Mongolia South Red and other "foreign materials". Compared with the industry-recognized China Nanhong, “African South Red” and other prices are much cheaper, and they are still in the stage of selling kilograms or box sales, but some merchants have mixed them into high-quality Chinese Nanhong on the price, earning High price difference.

South red agate price trend: Nowadays, the price of Baoshan South red agate has been quite high, and the idle material is a hundred yuan a gram. If it is the best brocade and persimmon red material, the operation is slightly better. I bought a thousand dollars a gram. Gaibaoshan South Red Agate is quite rare. In the middle of the Qing Dynasty, it was once mined. Nowadays, some sporadic small mines are being mined. The quality is already not as good as before. It is the collection level of Nanhong.

South Red Agate price trend: followed by South Red Agate Pass produced in Diebu, Gansu. Now the veins here are hard to find and lack relevant records, but the density of the old South Red Pearl is unusually high. Some people guess here. There is no large-scale mining activity, but the local people pick up the exposed red red agate on the surface and use it as jewelry. Duan Nanhong is often referred to as Gannan Red, Gannan red color is pure, the color is bright and bright, the color gamut is narrow, usually between orange and red, there are also a small amount of dark red color. Currently relatively rare on the market, the price is difficult to estimate.

South Red Agate price trend: Next is Liangshan Nanhong, Liangshan South Red Agate is a mine discovered in Liangshan, Sichuan in 2009. Currently, there are some production, but it is not very high, so his price is lower than that of Baoshan Nanhong. But compared to other agates, it is still relatively high. The current general price of Liangshan agate, such as ice floc, is about 20 yuan per gram. If it is a good material, such as cherry red, persimmon red price is about 80 yuan a gram, the gap is quite large.

Conclusion: South red agate, fine texture and oily. It is a unique species in China, and its output is scarce. It has been exhausted during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, so the price of Laonan Red Onyx has risen sharply. The ancients also used the South Red Agate for medicine, which has the effect of nourishing the heart and nourishing the blood. The Buddhist believers believe that he has special effects. The red beads in the seven treasures of Buddhism refer to the South Red Agate. Today's South Red Agate has formed a three-legged position with Hetian jade and jadeite. The above is the South Red Agate price trend that Xiaobian brought to you today. I hope to help everyone.

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