Number nickname! Ajin Sha underwear new attack, do not miss it!

AjinSha underwear August update two new underwear, first come first served oh! ! !

Style: A2277

Color: red / green bamboo / purple blue

Size: 70A-80A


1, 3/4 thick mold cup low heart design, was wearing a charming cleavage, and effectively slow down the compression of the sternum, to achieve comfort at the same time, to create a plump and rounded breast curve.

2, cup noodles using exquisite water-soluble embroidery, a large sense of fashion with a super stripe fabric to hit the color design approach, bringing a new visual touch.

3, the folder invisible stealth widened, the use of wrapping to prevent underarm skin friction, enhance comfort.

4, U-shaped than after with non-slip straps, effectively alleviate the pressure on the back and shoulders, more powerful to shape the United States and the United States, the plastic lock.

5, suitable for petite women wearing chest.


Style: A2278

Color: red / green bamboo / purple blue

Size: 70B-85B


1,3 / 4 thin B cup, set the bag pocket, according to the need to place mats, suitable for more female needs.

2, simple and smooth appearance design, do not need too much modification, exquisite water-soluble embroidery with, stylish striped fabric, delicate and agile, beautiful, delicate, leading the trend of vitality.

3, sexy low heart design, was wearing a charming cleavage, and effectively slow down the pressure on the sternum, the former diamond ornaments embellished noble, sexy, distinguished distinguished experience.

4, the cup with 100% cotton lining, soft and wear-resistant, personal wear, soft and comfortable, breathable moisture, bringing natural health experience.

5, the folder bit side of the bit more than bit ear and ear height design, effective underarm excess fat, lock fat, so wear more stable to prevent external expansion.

6, suitable for full-busting women wearing the chest.



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