Emerald: Who says that only grandma can love


When you hear the word "grandmother", have you always thought that emerald is a gem that only grandmothers can wear? In fact, emeralds only sound older, have nothing to do with grandmothers, and even more than grandmothers like them.

Emerald is known as the king of emeralds, the birthstone of May, and one of the precious stones recognized by the international jewelry industry. Because of its unique green and unique charm, as well as magical legends, it has been favored by Westerners. Recently, it has become more and more popular among Chinese people.

Go up to the emperor to the people

Emerald is very popular among East and West

In the eyes of Westerners, emeralds are the king of emeralds, and worship of it is no less than the worship of emeralds by the East.

As early as 6,000 years ago, there were emeralds on the market in Babylon. In the Kingdom of the Chaldeans (New Babylon) women especially like to wear emerald ornaments. In ancient Greece, emeralds were called "green stones" and "glowing stones", and they were used as noble treasures dedicated to the goddess Venus of love and beauty in the Greek mythology.

The legendary Cleopatra Kleopatra is also one of the crazy "fans" of emeralds. She not only has a lot of emerald jewelry, but also named her emerald mine. It is said that some of the amulets and beadings made from the emerald of this mine have been passed down to today and become invaluable.

The ancient Romans also liked emeralds. The Roman tyrant Nero had glasses made of emeralds. At the same time, Nero also used his power to search for emeralds everywhere. Ancient Persians also like emeralds. According to incomplete statistics, there are thousands of emerald treasures collected by the Iranian royal family.

Chinese people are also very fond of emeralds. The emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties were especially emeralds. The Emperor of the Ming Dynasty regarded it as precious as the golden-green cat's eye, and said that "the ceremony requires cat eyes and emeralds." Ming Wanli Emperor's jade belt is set with a large emerald, which is now in the Ming Tombs of the Ming Tombs Museum. The golden silk quilt covered by the Empress Dowager Cixi was covered with a large number of pearls and other gems. There are also two emeralds weighing about 5 yuan each.

British royal woman

Empress emerald as a symbol of identity

From the birth of emerald, it has a "noble bloodline." The handed down emeralds of the British royal family became the status symbol of the royal women of the past.

The most famous jewel of the British royal family - the Cambridge-Delhi pilgrimage set, including crowns, necklaces, brooches, bras, etc., the whole set is emerald. It began to pass from Princess Adelaide to Princess Diana, and after four generations, it was fascinating.

And Elizabeth II's favorite Delhi pilgrimage necklace, the most special is the double pendant under the necklace, in addition to the huge Cambridge emerald, and a large pear-shaped diamond, is the world's largest diamond - Curry South diamonds, diamonds with emeralds, and exquisite and heroic.

More than grandmother loves it

Emerald is the darling of a female star

In the fashion world, emeralds are the darling of the stars.

As a generation of jewelry queens, Elizabeth Taylor's emerald jewelry has become a regular victory general at the auction. Her set of Bulgari jewelry emerald jewels is on the mirror and is the world's most famous emerald jewelry.

Angelina Jolie is also famous for her emerald. Even the wedding ring is an emerald ring designed by herself. She has an emerald dress with emerald earrings.

In addition, American film and television actors Julianne Moore, Juliana Margaris, Italian supermodel Bianca Balti, and American actress Blake Lively, have worn emerald jewelry when attending multiple occasions. , became the focus of the audience.

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