EP Ya Ying new magic bag folded fashion

Hello lady, are you bag control? Whether to buy a cupboard bag, but no choice to go out every time? Is it often how to store headache? Believe that one can fold freely, the shape of the bag will be your blessing. A bag of N occasions this year, EP Elegant Origami Pack Modern Diamond's Plaid design, to create a unique collapsible function, a lot of women's hearts and minds. As long as you bring it on the road can also be free to change the shape, office, shopping, gathering ... ... a bag can handle N occasions, fresh every day. Color game folding fun from the classic wild black and white combination of fantastic blue and white fight to the modern eye-catching silver pink collision. Mix a variety of colors, adding a sense of visual hierarchy, folding bags have to Fun color. Handbags can also transform fashion toys, as if back to childhood folding paper crane time, stacking endless fun. Small and practical handbag small and stylish handbag continuation of the pop diamond checkered elements, simple and elegant style without losing individuality. Equipped with removable diagonal chain, can also be used as diagonal package or cosmetic bag, no doubt about the usability. Beautiful and unique both functional folding package, is absolutely love you package should not miss a recent boutique, large, medium and small models for each of your trip to provide the most diverse kind of choice.

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