On the value orientation of ice-type glass jadeite

From my personal point of view, I always think that in history, green has always been the mainstream of jade, but the current situation is that there are still many good greens, but in contrast, the high greens are not as good as they used to be. It can be seen that there is also a high price. It is difficult for ordinary Cuiyou to consume, so they have to retreat to find a good species. If the colorless glass and ice species are theoretically too low, there is really a lack of kindness. The raw materials are like this. Further, the society is developing, and the aesthetic concept is also being updated. The green stuff is good, the colorless ones are also liked, and the blue water, green water and twilight are the beautiful worlds of jade and colorful. Together with the good species, it also shows the beauty of the ecstasy of jade. In the small circle, we can admire the green, how to say it is not too much, but for the majority of friends who love jade but do not know much, we should teach them simpler, more practical and more rational picking knowledge, should Tell them: Green is good, but you must not over-purchase green; how to pick jade?

1. Guarantee A goods, this is a prerequisite;

2, planting water is good, this is a foundation;

3, green, red, blue, purple, white, etc. are all good colors, match with good water, you can really see the beauty of jade.

4. Why are colorless glass species sought after? It is inseparable from the development of the times, the world is complicated, the material desires are flowing, and a jade of colorless glass is worn. Such a clear, such clear, such a show of aura, so that it can be attached to the skin, can really protect the body, peace of mind The gods are set to make people courageous, and the colorless glass species are derived from the magical work of nature, which is comparable to the artificial object of glass!

The reason why the colorless glass species (ice species) should be valued is because its price is close to that of ordinary people, and at the same time it fully shows the aura of jade. The jade can be a good jade. This is the dream of Jia Hongyu in the Dream of Red Mansions. The reason why the jade worn is called "Tongling Baoyu". Jade must be psychic to have value. Hetian jade's psychic lies in whiteness, oiliness, and fineness. The jadeite spirit is that it can make a good water to shine out of the human heart. This is why I put the seed first.

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