Welcome the brilliant end of the year! Ou [OuView] Ou Wei women successfully stationed in Kunshan Golden Eagle Shopping Plaza


Seize the tail of 2014, [ OuView ] Ovid brand a brilliant moment. Warmly congratulate [OuView] Ou Wei brand women successfully entered Kunshan Golden Eagle Shopping Plaza, set a perfect period for 2014, ready for the upcoming 2015 ready. The signing of the contract for the [OuView] faster and better development laid the foundation. 2015, is bound to sign a lot, happy news again and again! Welcome to join the franklin marshall outlet, take advantage of the opportunity to join hands [OuView], usher in your wealth dream.


[OuView] brand after precise positioning, the strong settled Golden Eagle Shopping Plaza. As a world-class central megalopolis, the plaza is located at the heart of the city's Central Business District as well as at the heart of the city's central living area. It houses a variety of high-end properties and becomes the landmark of the city's top business centers and city's success. Reasonable location, the surrounding roads, bridges, public squares and other supporting facilities for Kunshan city to bring a new world of life experience. [OuView] presence, is bound to attract the majority of the elite to buy. Elegant and stylish new products to meet the new fashion needs of local women.

Congratulations [OuView] Ouwei Golden Eagle Shopping Plaza opened as soon as possible, business booming. Here, [OuView] Ouwei all staff also take this opportunity to congratulate the majority of franchisees, agents, as well as customers who have been supporting OuView friends, Happy New Year 2015! Everything is fine!

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