EP Ya Ying new magic bag folded fashion

Hello lady, are you bag control? Whether to buy a cupboard bag, but no choice to go out every time? Is it often how to store headache? Believe that one can fold freely, the shape of the bag will be your blessing. A bag of N occasions this year, EP Elegant Origami Pack Modern Diamond's Plaid des

Jewelry identification certificate fraud

Last Wednesday, the media reported that Ms. Li bought synthetic gems at the jewelry show. Dong Zhenqing, an appraiser of the China Federation of Industry and Commerce's Jewelry Testing Center, said that the identification certificates provided by illegal traders at the

On the value orientation of ice-type glass jadeite

From my personal point of view, I always think that in history, green has always been the mainstream of jade, but the current situation is that there are still many good greens, but in contrast, the high greens are not as good as they used to be. It can be seen that there

Is Swarovski's crystal true?

Is Swarovski's crystal true? First of all, Swarovski is an Austrian crystal brand. Secondly, Swarovski sells artificial crystals, which are crystal glasses with a high lead content. Swarovski comes from Austria, and all domestic and foreign counter crystals are produc

Can't buy a pure cashmere sweater?

Summary: Cashmere is known as "soft gold" because it is warm and gentle into winter warmth. However, the reporter found that cashmere sweaters on the market today are heavily doped with cotton, acrylic, and other materials. Some online sales of cashmere sweaters are completely

What are the maintenance requirements for tourmaline?

The maintenance of tourmaline is very important. Purification once every 1 to 3 months requires regular cleaning even if it is turned on. This is for a reason, the word purifying is in Latin and degaussing approximation, so it is also called degaussing. In fact, scientific

Crystal effect

Ametrine: It symbolizes intelligence and wealth. In other words, it has the dual functions of amethyst and citrine; it can also strengthen the sixth sense. Have the role of solving the villain. It has the function of blending two extreme energies, and is most suitable for

What is the first line pharmacist agate

Historically, the first-line pharmacist agate was in the Middle East and is now from Brazil. It is not easy to even 108. The origin of "Pharmacist Pearl" is said to be that if the pharmacist's bead is held in the center of the palm in a small sealed space, th

What is the color of red tourmaline?

There are many colors of tourmalines, but as long as you compare the popularity of all color tourmalines, you will find that the red series of tourmalines must be among the best. There is a certain reason that red tourmalines will be so popular because people have a greate