30-year-old woman wearing what kind of underwear is good

30-year-old woman, the chest is not as strong as 20-year-old, or perhaps because of birth baby, sagging, fuctuation and other issues all climbed up, the abdomen also has a headache Chenjin pattern and swim ring, surface To these problems, women are often completely lost in self-confidence, and eve

Lily Business Fashion Spring 2015 new listing

In Spring 2015, Lily presented three full spring trends: Stereo Aesthetics, Pixel Game and Pattern Plaid, code of dress code for business social networking, business meetings and business communications, perfect for spring closets. Lily Business Fashion with a new look to reproduce the classic mod

Jiangsu cotton farmers lost 200 yuan per mu

The results of the province's cotton planting survey released yesterday by the Jiangsu Provincial Price Bureau sent a signal this year: Although labor costs for cotton planting have fallen for the first time in recent years, they have been unable to withstand the impact of a two-percen

Recycled bamboo fiber fabric

The biggest advantages of recycled bamboo fiber are moisture absorption, good air permeability and natural antibacterial properties. Therefore, recycled bamboo fiber fabrics can be widely used for making personal clothing, bathing and bedding. 1, renewable bamboo fiber yarn Recycled

Winter footwear new favorite metal texture legitimate red

Ben Wang December 29 hearing, rebellious high-profile, light-emitting freely - perhaps the best interpretation of the metallic color. Autumn and winter of this season, the exaggeration and strength of metal-colored shoes is no longer, replaced by warm and low-key light. What is even more amazing i

What makes the 18K gold jewelry fade?

To be honest, the nature of 18K gold is also very stable. So, what are the reasons why 18K gold is so easy to fade? First of all, this is related to the environment in which you live. In the dryer areas, there will be more dust in the air, and contact with 18K jewelry for

Hooded thick cotton padded jacket with a pair of young men

Man standing thirty, even the forty men are very young, thirty-year-old man is a flower, men always think of their own very young, personality men to give you the youngest dress, men's cotton style young men's Warm wear, men always have a fire, the young symbol of personality teaches you ho