The argument that the gold content is higher than gold is speculation

"Of course, the purer the gold is, the better! If you have gold with a gold content of up to 99.99%, have you ever encountered it? If you are still wearing a gold-filled, gold-filled jewelry, then you will be no fashion, and it is now a matter of gold. In the Golden Age, "Wanjin Gold" is currently the highest purity gold in the world.

Consumers who have watched late-night TV shopping programs must be familiar with the above statements. This reporter learned that this "million gold" is also sold in some physical stores in our city. A gold shop owner in Wuxi, Jiangsu, told reporters that "million gold" products are more difficult and more valuable than "thousands of dollars" in production technology.

The reporter then searched for "million gold" on some shopping websites and discovered that there are thousands of products displayed, ranging from gold necklaces and other jewelry to gold bars. Many businesses also indicate that the purity of gold jewelry is 99.99%, which is 99.9% higher than normal thousand gold and 0.09% pure. It is a good choice for collection.

White-collar workers who work at a website in northern Fujian have purchased such “gold” jewelry. “At that time, the merchant’s propaganda stated that this kind of gold with a gold content of 99.99% was very rare and very suitable for investment. When I first got a fever, I bought a ring. When I went home and looked closely at the ring, it was marked with the words 'Au999'. It is a common 'thousand gold'," she said.

Wang Zhen (Technician of the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Jewellery and Jade): Domestic consumers generally believe that the purer the better the gold. The foreign market places more emphasis on design and technology than raw materials.

In the "Regulations and Nomenclature of Purity of Jewelry Precious Metals" published by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in 2002, the relevant clauses indicate that: 990%. For the gold, 999%. Thousands of gold. The highest purity standard for gold and gold jewelry is 999.0%. The content is higher than 999.0%. The gold can only be called "1000 gold."

At present, the country has not clearly defined "million gold" and the merchants have used the "million gold" signboard, which is nothing more than hype.

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