Black wild type shirt can actually be so different?

In many types of men's eyes, the black shirt is a bit heavy, and even some boring. In actual fact, when you read this WeChat and found that the details of the design of the Lilac black shirt fall through the screen can feel creative, full of style! Black and interesting patterns, even abstract imagination, can not come up with a harmonious, black, interesting and calm style of co-existence of works, but when this black lining is displayed in front, we must admit that it actually meet all the same . Cartoon pattern, dark shades, that one chest is small but steal the heart of the mirror, more sub-playful and warm. If the solid black lining for the idealist, then this shirt is absolutely suitable for romantic. "Encounter is a fate, the intersection of the heart let us appeal endless romance." A section of blue eunuch flowers moving, and it belongs to a man that blossoming "Blue Eunagi," put on, even if Soprano, you are also the most romantic gentleman. Break through the black has always given the calm wind, this high-end black lining do not have some movement. Themed elements originate from the "Cuju" which has been circulating for over 2,300 years. The cloud-like lines outline the space for unlimited reverie. It seems that people in Cuju are full of action and can wear dark slacks or jeans. Coupled with this pair of Lang Lang new sports shoes, could not help but exercise!

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