12 classification methods for jewellery


(1) Classified according to the value of jewelry

1. High-end jewelry, such as some precious diamonds, red sapphires and gold emerald jewelry.

2. Mid-range jewelry, such as medium quality and weight diamond, emerald and emerald jewelry.

3. Low-grade jewelry, such as aquamarine, garnet or crystal jewelry.

(2) According to whether or not gemstones are classified

4. According to whether the jewelry is set with gems, the jewellery can be divided into jewels and jewellery, pure decorative gemstone jewellery and plain jewellery.

5. Plain gold jewelry can also be divided into thousands of gold jewelry (99.9%), full gold jewelry (99%), K gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, sterling silver jewelry. The value of such jewellery is determined by the type and amount of metal used, the design style and the production process.

(3) Classification according to the materials used to make jewelry

6. Gold jewelry, the main ingredient is gold, the content and composition of gold reflects the value of gold jewelry. Gold jewelry has thousands of gold (99.9%), full gold jewelry (99%), K gold, gold plating (gold) and other categories.

7. Platinum jewellery, the main components are platinum group elements such as platinum (Pt), palladium (Pd), nail (Ru), osmium (Os), rhodium (Rh) and iridium (Ir). The most common main platinum jewellery is platinum (Pt)-based positive platinum (PT999.5), platinum (Pt990), platinum (Pt950, Pt900, Pt850) jewelry.

8. Silver jewellery, the main component is the horn, the common one is 800S for jewel inlay, jewellery silver 925S or 950S (where S is the abbreviation of English silver silver, 800S means the silver color is 80%; 925S and 950S, respectively The color of silver is 92.5% and 95%).

9. Ordinary metal jewellery, made of various alloys of stainless steel, copper and aluminum, mainly used in popular jewelry or avant-garde jewelry.

10. Jewelry made of other materials mainly refers to all kinds of jewellery made of leather, plastic and wood. It is usually only used as a craft to reflect the beauty of art.

(4) Classification according to other factors

11. According to the different wearing parts of jewelry, it can be divided into headwear, nose ornaments, earrings, neck ornaments, hand ornaments, anklets, waist ornaments, costumes and so on.

12. According to the different artistic designs of jewellery, it can be divided into popular jewellery, classic jewellery, personalized jewellery and so on.

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