How to choose their own elevator shoes

[Ben Wang - shoes and life In recent years, more and more manufacturers targeting this huge market within the elevator shoes, elevator shoes have launched their own brand, give consumers more choice, but also A difficult problem for consumers is how to buy high-rise shoes.

Wearing a pair of suitable and comfortable inner height-increasing shoes can not only achieve the purpose of heightening, but also protect the joints of the feet and the spine. So, in the end how to buy high-end shoes in the end? Today, the world's first high-heeled shoes brand HOZ experts will teach us from the following five aspects of how to choose a pair of shoes for their own height.

One. Choose according to your shoe size

At present, the shoe size on the market does not have a uniform standard, the same shoe size of the two brands, the difference in the actual size of the shoes may be great, so when buying shoes within the increase, it is best to buy in the physical store, personally try on, See if it is appropriate; if you buy online, it's best to measure your own foot length first, tell the seller, and let the seller recommend the most suitable shoe size for you.

Two. According to the increase in comfort insole options

Comfortable height-increasing shoes can avoid the discomfort between the soles and the insole when walking, relieve excessive pressure on the joints while walking, and reduce the impact on the spine. However, the production process and materials of different manufacturers are not the same, which is doomed to a great difference in the comfort of the shoes. Therefore, when choosing an inner height shoe, increasing the material of the insole is a very important reference indicator. The heightening of the insole in HOZ uses new eco-friendly materials. When it is comfortable to wear, it also allows consumers to become an environmental guard.

Three. According to the increased shoe last type

Many people know that the shoe's shape is an important sign to determine whether a shoe is easy to wear. The quality of the shoe's design directly affects the beauty and comfort of the shoe. If the type of shoe worn is not good, flat feet will be caused, and patients with flat feet will experience pain when they are exercising and standing for a long time. HOZ is committed to providing mass consumers with healthy, comfortable and fashionable casual shoes. It takes "health and comfort" as the primary principle and has a high demand for shoe lasts. It has performed "for the masses of consumers to provide comfort and comfort at a moderate price for many years." The sleek casual footwear product" mission.

Four: According to the height of the increased insole

If the height of the shoe insole is too low, it will not play a good role. If the height of the shoe insole is too high, the comfort level will be reduced, and it will be very uncomfortable and unattractive to wear. Therefore, it is very important to grasp the appropriate height of the shoe insole. The heightened insoles in HOZ are based on ergonomics and have developed the heights that are most suitable for walking in the human body. They have obtained national professional certification and have national patents.

V: Choose formal channels to buy well-known brands

At present, there are many no-name or counterfeit height-increasing shoes on the market. These types of height-increasing shoes are not only insecure in terms of materials and materials, but also cause greater pressure and impact on the joints and the spine when worn. Long-term use is not conducive to human health. Therefore, the purchase of high-rise shoes must go to the regular channels to buy high-end shoes within the well-known brands, responsible for their own health. For example, the world's first brand of shoes, HOZ, uses environmentally-friendly and comfortable non-slip soles, and has passed the national patent certification of super shock-absorbing insoles, which are rich in style and fashionable in design and are deeply loved by users all over the world. HOZ high-fashion shoes within the leisure, so you confidently stand in the forefront of the trend and experience the fashion charm. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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