How many kinds of jasper are there in the world?

In the eyes of many people, it seems that overnight, the collection market has shown a booming situation – the rapid return of culture to wake up is amazing. The trend of love jade and jade is even more so. However, it is precisely because of too rapid expansion, th

Straight skirt with a straight dress with what width belt

Xiaobian feel very anxious to have wanted the summer, the summer beauty skirt has made us around the corner, but also want more beautiful skirt it? Then Xiaobian take a look at the hanger ladies 2015 summer dress style bar, the charm of fashion are generally demonstrated by their own, the same pie

Girls grow up suitable for what kind of underwear

A lot of female breast contours, the main reason for the development is not normal in the girl's underwear due to wear the right underwear caused, then during the girl's development suitable for what kind of underwear to wear for the future to create a beautiful body and the perfect curve

JOOP! Men's 2015 spring and summer new advertising large

Joop, one of Germany's three high-end fashion brands, has a long-standing reputation in Europe. Since its establishment in 1987, it has combined tradition and avant-garde, blending beautiful, noble, simple and modern styles. This season's blockbuster vintage bar, spliced ​​shi

Gucci Menswear 2015 Early Fall Fashion Directory

As a continuation of the Spring-Summer series, Gucci Gucci 2015 early autumn series reflects the return of the 70s Bourgeois style. The men's collection is a showcase of the aristocracy's passion and is inspired by outdoor activities in the late summer and early autumn - riding, hunting and

Summer British boys and girls wearing what excellence

English aristocrats always make people aspire to television, dressed in British costumes, like a noble, instantly enhance the child's temperament a lot. Clothes in the TV series often affect the trend of wearing in real life. Parents will follow the appearance of the TV series, their children d