Jacket + trousers to create handsome stylish "woman"

This February 28 hearing, fashionistas have gathered elegant print skirts, put on a handsome jacket, a simple outline and then with a trousers, flew into the fashionable "female man", in no uncertain confidence Personality charm, but also broke the boring winter clothing, showing the ear

Crystal attracts more and more collectors eyes

For a long time, crystals have been regarded as low-end gemstones struggling in the wholesale market. The significance of being a consumer product is far greater than that of collectibles. However, with the continuous enrichment of collectibles, in recent years, especially

Summer fashion suit style suit popular style

How do we deal with the arrival of spring and summer? Now sweet Fan is not a young man's dress, and now personality is the most important, summer dress with how personality, a simple summer how with a dazzling eyes. Beauty Apodemus women's youth spring and summer dress together take a look

A versatile blouse for a cool, fresh look in the spring

This February 27 hearing, February and March are the seasons most affected by seasonal items, shirts are the most versatile essential items, whether it is casual style, or workplace fashion style, shirts can be arbitrary With the look you want. The following Xiao Bian recommended several shirts fo

How to choose their own elevator shoes

[Ben Wang - shoes and life In recent years, more and more manufacturers targeting this huge market within the elevator shoes, elevator shoes have launched their own brand, give consumers more choice, but also A difficult problem for consumers is how to buy high-rise shoes. Wearing a pair of suita

Five big tricks to choose a perfect jade bracelet

The jade bracelet is one of the female accessories, and the jadeite can bring out the beauty of oriental women. Most women have a jade bracelet complex, it is gentle and meticulous, like a woman with water. Therefore, despite the downturn in the jade market, it has not red