How did the tourmaline form?

Everyone knows about the tourmaline. It is very popular with people. Many people wear some tourmaline jewelry, because this kind of jewelry has certain health effects on people's body, and its effect is also very good. So everyone knows how the tourmaline was formed. Today, Xiaobian will solve this problem for everyone.

At present, scientists have discovered more than 3,000 minerals, and only 15 of them can be used as gemstones in these 3,000 minerals, and their yield and reserves are quite rare. The earth consists of three parts, the outermost layer is the earth's crust, the middle layer is the mantle, and the innermost layer is the earth's core. The earth's crust is a very thin solid outer shell on the earth's surface. So far, almost all natural gemstones are produced in the earth's crust, and the age of the crust is 200 million years old, and the oldest is even 4 billion years. At least one of the tourmalines in the hands came along the time and space of 200 million years ago.

The mantle is also known as the middle layer. The upper boundary is the Moho discontinuous surface, the lower boundary is the Gutenberg discontinuity with a depth of 2900km, and in the middle of the two discontinuous surfaces is a near-liquid substance, which is also called geologically. It is called the soft layer. In the soft stream layer, the temperature has risen above the melting point of the material in the region to form a liquid state. These liquid regions become high-incidence areas of magma and one of the origins of various magmatic gem deposits. This means that the tourmaline in our hands was once in the darkness of several hundred kilometers underground, and it was baked in the heat of thousands of degrees.

Perhaps it is a sudden high-pressure squeezing that causes the liquid material in the mantle to invade the surface and slowly cool and crystallize to form hard rock, which is not all tourmaline. It is possible to form precious tourmaline in the deep core of this rock. . It can be seen that the tourmaline has to undergo tremendous external pressure during the formation process, and it has to undergo long-term crystallization.

But after so many hardships, the brilliance of the tourmaline is still far away from us. Under the action of internal forces and external forces of the earth's crust, the rock formation containing tourmaline will also form a deposit through natural screening or other forms of accumulation, so that it can be liberated from the darkness of the deep wrap, let it Bathing in the sun.

Of course, this is the original tourmaline, but it can't be regarded as the finished gem. Then the new experience of tourmaline is coming, that is, cutting and grinding, this is the beginning of a brilliant life of a gem, and it is also the last of a gem. Tribulation. In general, two-thirds of the ore is destroyed during cutting and grinding. However, after polishing and polishing, the tourmaline will reflect the dazzling brilliance with the light from different angles, and the value will double!

I have told you about how the tourmaline was formed. How much do you know? It can be seen that the formation of this tourmaline also takes a long time, which is why the tourmaline is so popular! Often some good things will be more valuable after years of accumulation.

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