Smart summer summer umbrella skirt with high

Ben Wang, July 18th, Guo Caijie appears in various activities in various sizes due to his “Little Times.” The equipment with fashionable tastes is subject to media attention. Petite petite she likes to wear an umbrella skirt to show a changeable image. , Covering the shortcomings of la

Several types of jade mines

There are jade mines in various countries in the world, and Russia, South Korea, Canada, New Zealand and other countries all have large jade mines. China's Xinjiang Hetian is an important producing area of ​​Hetian jade stone mine, and it is also named af

One-piece dress with must-have fun pattern

Ben Wang July 11 hearing, is not that there is a wardrobe in the total lack of wear? May wish to choose a fun pattern of one-piece dress. The savior of this lazy group is suitable for you to use different collocations in various scene transitions to make a good appearance. It is a good fashion and

Motivi 2013 summer new products - Italian fashion travel

Motivi was born in 1993 in Alba, Italy. As one of the flagship brands of the Mirolio Group, it has become an indispensable fashion for young women in Italy, as well as women in the world who want to display their lively, elegant, yet distinctive fashion image. Motivi was born in 1993 in Alba, Ital