Unique love fresh summer green fresh shoes

This June 7 hearing, Green has been regarded as a healthy color, it will give a sense of vitality, but also gives people a graceful temperament, but also exudes a fresh and stylish atmosphere. In the new 2013 single shoes, you must not miss the green shoes. Whether it is pink to a craving green or

Process and precautions for the production of masterbatch

Color masterbatch coloring requirements For the color materials used in the masterbatch, attention must be paid to the matching relationship between the colorant and the plastic raw materials and additives. The selection points are as follows. (1) The coloring material cannot react with the resin

Basic composition of color masterbatch

The basic components of the color masterbatch are: 1. Pigments or dyes Pigments are further classified into organic pigments and inorganic pigments. Commonly used organic pigments are: phthalocyanine red, phthalocyanine blue, phthalocyanine green, fast red, macromolecular red, macromolecular yello

Iran-India oil-for-textile talks

Iran’s semi-official news agency Mehr News Agency reported on Wednesday that Iran is currently negotiating with India on a barter transaction that will enable New Delhi to pay for goods it purchases from Iran with goods related to the textile sector. Part of crude oil. Reza Tofighi

Diamond ring VVS, VS, SI stands for meaning

There are many parameters for the diamond ring to evaluate the quality of the diamond ring. Many newcomers who are ready to marry may not understand the diamond ring. Let's take a look at the following explanation. Knowledge about the clarity of the diamond, such as th